O2 Wifi Extra

On Tuesday 31 March, we added a new Wifi Network name alongside O2 Wifi. It’s called Wifi Extra and it’s for O2 customers only. We're not changing or removing O2 Wifi and it will still be available for anyone to join.

Wifi Extra is:
Secure: It’s a new secure way for O2 customers to connect to wifi when they’re out and about. It uses the customer’s O2 SIM card and the software on the phone to create a secure connection to Wifi Extra. We have a list of compatible phones that can connect to Wifi Extra.

Fast: It’s also Load Balanced meaning the network will make a decision if the customer should connect to Wifi Extra or stay on 3/4G meaning our customers get best possible speeds.

Seamless: As the settings are built into the device software and it’s optimised for the best possible experience the customer does not need to do anything to connect. When in a Wifi Extra zone customers devices will automatically connect to the best data service available. So if the Wifi service can offer them better data speeds it will automatically connect and they don’t need to worry about signing up or onto a web page before it works.

Who can get it?
It’s for all O2 customers including PAYG, SMB, Enterprise and PAYM. It’s dependent on the customer having a compatible device with an O2 SIM card in it, including tablets. We’re working with manufacturers to ensure it’s on as many devices as possible. To check compatibility we're building a webpage at www.o2wifi.co.uk/wifiextra which went live on 2 April. Right now, most O2 customers with iPhone/iPad, HTC, Samsung or Nokia Lumia handsets which have the latest software can connect to Wifi Extra.

We’re working with other manufacturers such as Sony, LG and Huawei to add the settings into their software updates but some of these phones and tablets can still connect if the customer adds the settings in manually. The website gives details on how a customer can add the settings, either through Operating System update or manually adding the settings.

Where is it launching?
From 31 March we’re starting with our O2 stores and Toni & Guy hair salons. We’ll then get feedback from the network and the stores before adding over 6000 of our O2 Wifi hotspots with Wifi Extra. Through April, we’ll turn on more hotspots. A rollout map will be made available soon.

More information is available by visiting the webpage at www.o2wifi.co.uk/wifiextra