O2 Open Employee Perks

We have secured benefits for our employees through O2 Open.

Discounts for employees:
25% off Airtime Plans with 3GB data and above
15% off Airtime Plans below 3GB data
20% off accessories in all O2 shops

Also, from now until 18th July 2018, savings have increased!

You can now get:
40% off monthly tariffs with 3GB data or more
30% off monthly tariffs with less than 3GB data

These are just two of many other savings that come with O2 Priority, including advance ticket sales, and 20% off accessories in O2 stores.

The new code to register your discount on O2 Open is: MTM01

The process of setting this is up is easy and can be done in three simple steps:

Sign into My O2 at www.o2open.co.uk using your existing My O2 username and password. You will also have to type in the 5 digit code listed above.

O2 will then need to verify your employment with the company. You can either verify by following the link on the email sent through to your work email address or by sending O2 your national insurance number and uploading a picture of your recent pay slip.

Once you have been verified in the following three days after you registered, you can log back into your account and select the number you would like the discount to be applied to.

NOTE: Please be aware you can only use this within 28 days of starting a contract.

If you have any queries please email marketing@maritimetransport.com