We Tried All The Weird And Wonderful Easter Eggs

As Easter rolls around again and the chocolate eggs are back on our shelves, so are the weird, wonderful, and downright disgusting ones too.

This year is no different. In an attempt to eat our way through the lot – for your benefit, of course – we locked some of the HuffPost team in a meeting room until we felt sick. (We’re serious, some people had to leave the room because they’d eaten too much.)

Armed with a bucket of tea, we spent an hour tasting fruity concoctions, chocolate avocados and even a chocolate scotch egg, judging them on taste, appearance and value for money. We gathered the responses, no matter how scathing and here we have the final results. To say it was divisive is an understatement.

Heston The Chocolate Scotch Egg, Waitrose, £6

What is it? A picnic favourite in chocolate form, behold the chocolate scotch egg. A milk chocolate and caramel ganache coated with maple sugar, the mango and yuzu fondant is the replica egg yolk.

The verdict:

Brogan, Lifestyle Editor - 2/5

As a massive fan of scotch eggs, I appreciate the effort Heston has gone to to replicate one – the flakey chocolate breadcrumbs and soft yolk-like middle. Although the yolk tastes citrussy which really doesn’t work with the chocolate for me. When we try to cut through it, but it’s incredibly messy. For 6 quid, I think I’ll just get an actual scotch egg and a chocolate bar.

Ashley, Entertainment Editor - 1/5

I don’t have the words to describe how conflicted this egg made me feel. The taste was alright, but the texture was gross, and quite frankly I have zero time for Heston trying to be ‘zany’ with his easter eggs. 

Natasha, Lifestyle Reporter - 3/5

It looks like a scotch egg, but it tastes like lemon and chocolate which is the ultimate mind f***. Heston, what you playing at? (I later discover it’s a mango ganache. Tasted like lemon to me.) Value wise I think it’s a bit rubbish but maybe if you’re into small treats and like a surprise then this is the one for you.

Dark Chocolate Avocado Easter Egg, Waitrose, £8

What is it? A smooth Belgian chocolate shell with white chocolate flesh (that’s supposed to be the avocado) and a cocoa-dusted stone.

The verdict:

Charlie, Blogs Editor - 2/5

Speaking as a millennial, I feel mocked by this egg. Avocado is a good thing and Easter eggs are a good thing, but this feels designed by a focus group o to exploit us all for Instagram likes. Also you can’t even taste the avocado, which feels like a metaphor for something.

Henry, Senior Film Producer - 3/5

The green bits taste of white chocolate masquerading as milk chocolate – call the police. The stone was pretty good though, if a little dusty. But who is looking for easter eggs that look like avocados? I want an egg that looks like an elaborate piece of artwork. Like real avocados it is overpriced.

Sara, Lifestyle Reporter - 4/5

This avocado shaped egg is so “millennial” it’s almost like Waitrose is trolling us, but nonetheless, I was impressed by the design. My favourite part was the green chocolate, which was almost creamy. The surrounding chocolate was really rich and dark, which offset it nicely.

Prosecco Egg, Marks & Spencer, £5

What is it? A colourful combination of prosecco and berries in a hollow chocolate egg decorated with pink colouring. Available in store only.

The verdict:

Sara, Lifestyle Reporter - 2/5

It smells pretty horrible and you’d never guess it was flavoured with prosecco if you did a blind taste test. It just has a hint of something odd.

Natasha, Lifestyle Reporter - 3/5

This metallic bad boy looks the part, but sadly its shiny exterior ended up coming off onto my fingers. Top tip: maybe wear gloves to eat it. Not a fan of the smell, I have to admit, as it reminds me of hangovers. It doesn’t taste like Prosecco but that’s not to say the taste is unpleasant. Actually, scrap that. It slowly festers into a taste that’s a bit like gone off wine. Not a fan.

Brogan, Lifestyle Editor - 4/5

Although the pink dusting rubbed off on my hands and made a bit made a bit of a mess, I quite liked the taste of it – although it is incredibly sweet. A bit of Prosecco novelty for only a fiver. What’s not to love?

Lindt Lindor Irresistibly Smooth White Chocolate Easter Egg with Lindor Truffles, Asda, £8

What is it? A white chocolate egg with accompanying white chocolate truffles. Here’s a fun fact for you, it was recently awarded the title of 2019′s Best Easter Egg.

The verdict:

Charlie, Blogs Editor - 4/5

I’m a white chocolate truther, so in my biased opinion this is a really light, not too sickening effort. Only knock on this is that it’s essentially the same texture all the way through. Very good value for money given all the extra components.

Natasha, Lifestyle Reporter - 5/5

I would agree that this eggo is irresistibly smooth, the white chocolate is super creamy and it also looks the part. If you like Milky Bar, but a bit more luxe, this is the egg for you. It’s a bit out of my price range (I’m a £1 Cadbury egg kinda gal) but if someone bought me this, I wouldn’t be disappointed at all.

Sara, Lifestyle Reporter - 3/5

The chocolate smells exactly like a Milky Bar, which is fine... but the chocolate lacks any depth of flavour and frankly it’s all just a bit boring. I wouldn’t mind eating one if it was being shared around and I needed a sugar hit but the only saving grace of this egg are the individually wrapped Lindt chocolate truffles that come with it.

Extra Special Hand-Finished Belgian Dark Chocolate Egg with Cherry, Asda, £5

What is it? A decadent dark chocolate egg with dried cherries, white chocolate drizzle and cherry flavoured truffles.

The verdict:

Sara, Lifestyle Reporter - 4/5

This was my favourite egg. It beat all of the others in terms of depth of flavour and the cocoa had a richness that was missing in the other eggs. It also has a delicious crunch in the shell, which makes the texture interesting and I thought it was good value for a fiver. I’d have given this top marks – but unfortunately, as much as I enjoyed it, the cherry flavour didn’t come through as strongly as I’d have expected.

Charlie, Blogs Editor - 4/5

It all feels a bit Fifty Shades somehow, but the sweetness of the dark chocolate is perfectly balanced with the sharpness of the dried cherries. It’s definitely more interesting than most eggs you find, especially for a fiver.

Louise, Lifestyle Reporter - 4/5

Cherry and chocolate are a dream. You will need a gallon of tea with it though, it’s very, very rich. For a fiver it’s great, get it for someone else and it’ll look like you’ve made an effort. I’m not a fan of the truffles, however. Yuk.

Pineapple Gold Easter Egg, Morrison’s, £8

What is it? A hollow chocolate egg with a dusting of gold on the body and a fetching frones (that’s the green leaves to you and I). Available in store only.

The verdict:

Louise, Lifestyle Reporter - 3/5

This tastes like your regular easter egg, if you like a classic like me, but annoyingly leaves a gold glitter stain all over your hands. The different thickness of the egg and the stalk compliment each other nicely and I could quite easily polish the whole thing off myself. It looks fancy but isn’t extravagant enough for £8, so there’s little value for money here.

Charlie, Blogs Editor - 1/5

Why is this a pineapple? Why does the chocolate taste so immediately cheap? Too many questions about this egg, not enough answers. A weird cheap, meme-y effort that leaves gold all over your fingers and no taste on your tongue. This isn’t even an egg, so should therefore be disqualified.

Milk & Ruby Chocolate Fruit & Nut Egg, Morrison’s, £12

What is it? A very posh milk chocolate easter egg (or half of one) studded with roasted pistachios, caramelised hazelnut nibs, candied orange peel, dried raspberries and finished miniature dark chocolate ganache egg.

The verdict:

Matt, Entertainment Director - 1/5

Nice thick shell but just not chocolatey enough. 12 quid is a lot too considering you’re only getting half an egg. And it’s basically muesli.

Ashley, Entertainment Editor - 3/5

While there was a lot of difference things going on and it looked pretty luxe, I don’t think any chocolate of that size commands that price, especially one that is essentially half an egg. Taste wise, it was a real concoction, as not only were there nuts, there were a lot of fruity flavours, which sort of contradicted each other and was a little too sweet for me. It certainly looked impressive, with the glittery fruit lining the inside of the egg and the baby egg inside, but you can’t get away from the fact it’s half the amount of chocolate you’d get in another egg.

Brogan, Lifestyle Editor - 1/5

I’m quite impressed by the appearance of it, I’ve almost forgiven Morrison’s for only giving us half an egg for 12 quid. It looks a lot better than it tastes, it’s sickeningly sweet and the fruit and tastes like muesli, as Matt pointed out. Value for money is poor. It’s really quite expensive.

Cocoa et Co. XL Belgian Milk Chocolate Splatter, Sainsbury’s, £16

What is it? An award-winning milk chocolate hollow egg with a rather fancy splatter decoration. 

The verdict:

Henry, Senior Film Producer - 4/5

This actually tastes pretty banging, not trying to do anything fancy or quirky, just solid good quality milk chocolate. ( It’s massive and gold with its own plastic pedestal which when broken made it look like a piece of ancient Greek pottery, I’m into it. At 16 quid its a hefty price tag but I would feel pretty special if someone gifted this to me.

Natasha, Lifestyle Reporter - 4/5

Oh hello! I immediately sat down next to this egg as it looks like a work of art with its gold Jackson Pollock-esque design. When you open the box a luxurious chocolatey smell wafts up your nostrils. And boy is it pleasant. The egg comes with a “splash of golden decadence” - I’m not sure what this means but I’m sold. (I later discover this is just a design feature.) The chocolate is thick, rich and delicious. Would I spend £16 on an Easter egg though? Probs not.

Sara, Lifestyle Reporter - 4/5

“£16! £16?” Was my first reaction when I learned how much this gigantic egg costs. To be fair, the egg is bigger than my head, the gold design is sophisticated and pretty and the chocolate is smooth and delicious. But as the priciest of the bunch, it’s the cost that knocks this one down from a five to a four in my books.

Flat Pack Bunny, Ikea, £2.95

What is it? A milk chocolate flat pack bunny that comes in three parts. Assembly required. Available in store only.

The verdict:

Ashley, Entertainment Editor - 4/5

It’s a fair bit of chocolate for the money, and will be a sure way to shut the kids up after a long trawl around Ikea – and something that isn’t going to break the bank. It wasn’t a particularly smooth chocolate and was a bit dusty in texture, but overall it was nice enough. Personally, I don’t care much for non-egg shaped easter chocolate, but the novelty of being able to put it together is cute for the kiddies.

Brogan, Lifestyle Editor - 2/5

Building it was much easier than Ikea’s regular flat-pack furniture, as it was only in three parts. But it was all over pretty quickly and the novelty-factor wasn’t really there. It also melted a bit in my hands as I was assembling it. The chocolate tastes really cheap and you can tell that it only cost £2.95.

Henry, Senior Film Producer - 2/5

It tastes very much like how an Ikea chocolate would taste like, which is not a good thing. Functional and bland are the only way to describe it. I did quite like the flat pack bunny but not strictly an egg is it?

Lamb & Mint Egg Sandwich, Hotel Chocolat, £10

What is it? A white chocolate spring lamb sandwiched between two milk chocolate sandwich moulds, flavoured with peppermint oil.

The verdict:

Louise, Lifestyle Reporter - 2/5

If you like mint with your chocolate, you’ll love this. The problem is I don’t. Reminiscent of an After Eight, it would go well post an Easter Sunday roast... I guess. It’s he most unnecessary of all the easter eggs I’ve tried, but props for creativity. Unexpectedly crunchy, the chocolate tastes like praline and the sheep, that looks eerily like brains, is smooth but an overall meh. 

Brogan, Lifestyle Editor - 5/5

I know it’s expensive, but I LOVE this sandwich. I don’t know if I’d ever spend a tenner on chocolate, but I’d hope to be bought it. Hint hint. The white chocolate sheep is minty fresh (and as someone who can take or leave white chocolate, I’m actually quite into it) and as a MASSIVE dark chocolate fan, the “bread” is delicious and slightly crunchy, which was a pleasant surprise. I’m not really a purist when it comes to easter eggs, so I’m not that bothered about the fact that it’s not egg-shaped. And I think the little sheep is cute. You can see where your tenner has gone with this one.

Charlie, Blogs Editor - 3/5

Basically a large After Eight, which is disappointing as it sounds. Would recommend for your upper middle class great-grandparents, but no one else. Poor value for money compared to the competing eggs on the table. And besides, it’s not even an egg, so should be disqualified.

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