Takeaways are spared from having to list calorie counts

Takeaways, small restaurants and greasy spoon cafes across the UK will be spared from listing calorie counts on their menus.

The decision, by Health Secretary Matt Hancock, comes after the treasury said it could cost breakfast fry-up venues £13million.

'It isn't about telling people what to eat, it's about helping them make their own choices,' a source told The Sun.

'There's a sensible balance to be struck. We can achieve it without unnecessarily impacting small business.'

The idea was first proposed by former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt two years ago as an initiative to halve childhood obesity by 2030.

Mr Hancock is set to announce plans for restaurant chains to follow supermarkets and list calorie values.

Meanwhile chains with less that 250 staff and independent venues choose whether to do so.

Last year Treasury Secretary Liz Truss promised to challenge plans that would affect the tens of thousands of small diners across the nation.

She said Mr Hunt’s proposals could cost them £500 each and added: 'I’m concerned they would result in job losses and higher food prices.'

Earlier this year a Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson said their intention was to give families information to make healthier choices when dining out.

'Last year we announced our intention to introduce mandatory calorie labelling on menus to give all families the information they need to make healthier choices when on the go,' they said.

'We’re committed to involving businesses in this, which is why our consultation invited their views,' they added.