Surfer survives shark attack by punching it twice

Dylan Nacass punched the shark twice when it attacked him at Bells Beach in Victoria.

The 23-year-old escaped with minor injuries to his legs and required stitches for a few puncture wounds.

"I punched him one time, he stay in my legs. Two times after, he go," he told 9 News.

A second surfer nearby, Matt Sedunary, said: "He started screaming. I honestly thought he was mucking around with his friends."

He then realised the Frenchman wasn't joking and rushed to help.

"I'm not gonna just ditch this guy," he said, adding: "Most people would do the same thing."

Video footage shows the pair shouting and paddling frantically to get away from the shark as it swims up behind them.

Graham Blade, who was on a cliff nearby filming, started recording the incident as he heard screams.

"I actually saw it pop up behind him and knew it was real," he said.

Mr Nacass said he would be surfing again as soon he was able to.

"I really want to go back soon... just when my leg... it's okay… I'm going to go back surf soon," he added.