Stunning island with breathtaking views on sale for £66k

If you have ever dreamt of your own paradise island with stunning views then you might have imagined it would come with a hefty price tag.

But not so, in Ireland at least, where a beautiful seven-acre island that is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean has gone on sale for just £66k.

Rathlin O Birne is situated just three miles off Co Donegal on the mainland.

Its views of the surrounding area are truly breathtaking and it also comes complete with two six-bedroom cottages.

The uninhabited island  is available for a price of just €75,000, however, this does not include the inclusion of a lighthouse.

Also potential buyers have been warned that is does not have any services with the only access by boat - and it is not accessible by slipway.

The lighthouse is also fully functioning and operated remotely by the Commissioners of Irish Lights.

According to the Irish Times , it was built by George Haplin between 1847 and 1856.

Mr Haplin designed many of the lighthouse across Ireland in the period.

Estate agents DNG Dorrian say: "This major landmark marks the entrance to Donegal Bay and provides excellent panoramic views towards Slieve League and the entrance to Silver Stand.