Space burger lands at Colchester United's training ground

The burger had gone up some 24 miles before descending back down to earth and landing at Florence Park.

A groundsman at Colchester United's training ground had an out-of-this world experience when he discovered a space burger had landed on the pitch.

The frozen meaty treat was attached to a polystyrene box with a GoPro and sent up to space by Tom Stanniland, better known by his YouTube name Kill'em, who called the League Two club to explain.

He said: "I sent a burger into space using a weather balloon. It had gone about 24 miles up and the weather balloon popped. It's come back down, travelled over 100 miles and landed right here."

The media manager at Colchester United Football Club, Matt Hudson, said: "When we discovered the burger at the training ground on Wednesday, we weren't quite sure what to think, but we were delighted to reunite Tom with his meal and the rest of his equipment.

"We've seen plenty of things happen in football over the years, but this has to be one of the most unusual - but it's certainly helped spread the name of Colchester United!"

Mr Stanniland claimed he would eat the burger once it had safely returned to terra firma - wherever that may be. He was able to determine its location thanks to a tracker he had installed in the box.

After contacting the club to confirm its whereabouts, Mr Stanniland travelled down from his home in Sheffield to retrieve it.

However, the effects of the journey into space had taken its toll on the meal and he said: "That's not nice."