Paris trials ‘car-free day’ in historic centre of city

This is the slightly bizarre moment Paris went car-free for a day.

Caught on camera, the scenes show one of the busiest cities in the world completely car-free with pedestrians able to roam the street without fear of being knocked down and, more importantly, not breathing in the huge amount of toxic fumes emanating from vehicles exhaust pipes.

Parisians were invited to roller-blade, cycle and stroll through the "City of Light" on Sunday – forming the historic centre of the city.

This is in fact the third time Paris has gone car-free and it seems to be going down well with residents.

One woman said: "It brings happiness to our day. And there's the joy of walking in a city, which I know for its traffic jams. So I think it's good."

Another woman interviewed by AFP said: "It's not very nice to always have to watch out for cars and worry a bitwhen they drive by. I like taking in my surroundings so prefer it when there are no hazards near me."