Man Returns Home After Hurricane Harvey to Find 9-Foot Alligator in His Dining Room

A 9-foot alligator took up residence in a Texas man’s home after he evacuated due to Hurricane Harvey.

The large reptile ended up in Brian Foster’s home during the mass flooding of the area. When Foster returned to his Humble house on Friday morning, he reportedly found the animal resting in his dining room.

Foster quickly called police who then called Wildnernex Wildlife Control.

They arrived and got the gator out of the home within 20 minutes.  It had to be carried out by four people.

The gator was reportedly then delivered back to its natural habitat.

Officials with Texas Parks and Wildlife warned that alligators might be found in odd places in Harvey’s wake.

“During floods, alligators may disperse into areas where they aren't normally observed,” officials said. “When the water levels recede, the alligator will likely disappear as well.”

Harvey made landfall along the coast of southeast Texas late on Aug. 25 as a Category 4 hurricane, causing major floods from Corpus Christi to Houston.