Luton woman claims first white chocolate creme egg and wins £1000

When it was announced that Cadbury would be releasing a limited number of white chocolate Creme Eggs, a mass exodus to corner shops around the country ensued as shoppers raced to find one of the special treats.

Now, one of the 371 eggs has been found by a 30-year-old woman in Luton.

Natasha Bream was shocked to find that one of the three Creme Eggs she had purchased on her lunch break was white.

After phoning the number inside the wrapper, Bream found out that she had won £1,000 - the maximum someone can win is £2,000.

Speaking to The Sun, Bream explained she “couldn’t believe it” when she unwrapped the chocolate treat and that she never thought this would happen to her.

She has yet to decide what to spend her winnings on but is currently thinking about planning a holiday.

Bream’s egg is one of the 34 that offers finders a £1,000 reward - just one contains the top prize of £2,000 while the others are worth £100.

One Creme Egg costs roughly 58p and the fondant-based treats can be found in supermarkets and independent retailers all around the country.

However, the scramble to find a white egg is less Charlie and the Chocolate Factory than one might think, as it was recently revealed that savvy shoppers could cheat their way to finding a winning egg by simply looking at the nutritional information on the wrapper.

Speaking to The Independent, a spokesperson for Cadbury revealed that this “spoiler” is due to legal requirements that apply to all food manufacturers:

“All white Cadbury Creme Eggs, whilst wrapped in the same iconic packaging as the classic creme egg, will contain nutritional information that is specific to the white chocolate variant,” they explained.

While this does mean that shoppers will be able to see if they’ve picked up a winning egg before unwrapping it, it doesn’t necessarily make the search any easier.

At this point, the £2,000 egg remains unclaimed - happy hunting.