Fatballs are the new food trend you need to know about

Fatballs are the latest food trend sweeping the wellness scene.

You may have heard of other similarly named snacks such as protein balls, energy balls and bliss balls… so what makes fatballs stand out from the rest?

Fatballs are made by blending a variety ingredients together including nut butter, coconut oil, MCT oil and collagen oil.

The end result is a healthy bite that’s not only rich in flavour, but also high in nutrients.

Whereas many people snack on bliss balls to sustain their energy throughout the day, some people are now eating fatballs as meal replacements altogether.

“I’m just eating more efficiently,” Christopher Petri, a 32-year-old non-profit researcher told the New York Post.

“I’d much rather just eat something really fast, pop it in and go, rather than have to sit down and have a meal.”

Petri told the New York Post how five days a week he opts for a fatball rather than a sandwich or salad for lunch.

Whilst it’s great that more people are embracing foods that are high in fats as part of a balanced diet, eating a fatball as a substitute for a meal may cause you to overeat accidentally.

According to a study published by the journal Appetite, people are more likely to overeat when they eat foods that they perceive as snacks rather than meals.

So choosing to eat fatballs instead of balanced meals could lead you to go overboard with the moreish snacks.

Fatballs are a great source of nutrition when eaten sensibly.

Choosing to make your own homemade snacks can help you eliminate harmful chemicals from your diet.

“Refined and artificial ingredients place a toxic load on the body, forcing it to work even harder to rid them from our system,” Christal Sczebel writes in her book Energy Balls: Improve Your Physical Performance, Mental Focus, Sleep , Mood, and More!

“By eating these foods, you can cut out the refined sugars, artificial colours and flavours, and sweeteners found in other snacks that will decrease your energy."