Daniel Craig pokes fun at 007 in new Heineken ad

The 51-year-old actor points out the differences between his real life and his super suave character, with the star seen chasing after a taxi and losing his passport.

Craig is reprising his role as the secret agent for the fifth - and last - time in No Time To Die, which will be hitting our screens this April.

And in the Heineken advert, titled Daniel Craig vs James Bond, he looks ready to retire from the high life for one a lot more ordinary.

Filmed in Spain, the clip kicks off with Craig sunbathing before jumping into a taxi where the sexy Bond girl driver recognises his character, exclaiming: "James Bond" before slamming her foot on the accelerator.

However, Craig isn't quite able to tolerate her high-speed driving, looking uncomfortable and on the urge of vomiting as he is thrown around in the car.

He looks frazzled once he gets out - so frazzled that he quickly realises that he has forgotten his passport and wallet in the car.

While Bond would give chase and catch up with the taxi no problem, Craig can only manage to run for a short time before losing stamina and giving up.

Later, Craig looks the part as he steals a tuxedo and showcases how stealthy he can be as he sneaks past security into a castle; but in contrast to his character, he ignores a money laundering operation before colliding with a waiter carrying a tray of cutlery.

As he helps to clear up the mess, the taxi driver appears with Craig telling her that she has his passport, but she dismisses his claim with the remark: "Daniel Craig?' Nice try Mr Bond".

Increasingly fed-up, Craig dramatically stops a band from playing the James Bond theme tune as he walks into a bar before being served Bond's trademark vodka martini, "shaken, not stirred".

Highlighting the biggest - and final - difference between the character and himself, Craig rejects the drink and asks for a non-alcoholic Heineken beer.

Smouldering into the camera, "Once James Bond, always James Bond" flashes up onto the screen.

In 2015, Craig sensationally claimed that he would rather "slash his wrists" than play Bond again shortly before the release of Spectre.

He told Time Out magazine at the time: "'I’d rather break this glass and slash my wrists.

"We’re done. All I want to do is move on."

He even added that if he signed up again it would be purely for the money, reportedly nabbing £18.4 million when he signed up for No Time To Die after making the shock comments.

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