BBC's Andrew Neil 'transforms' into Star Wars' Yoda in bizarre live TV moment

For a brief moment on Thursday night (December 12), BBC presenter Andrew Neil accidentally transformed into Star Wars character Yoda.

Not because he's the Jedi Master of political journalism, but because he seemed to have an unusual problem with his earpiece.

During the BBC's live general election coverage, Neil's left ear pointed directly at the camera. And frankly, the resemblance to Yoda was uncanny.

It was so distracting, viewers couldn't help but remark on the incident on social media.

One person demanded: "Can someone at @BBCNews sort out @afneil earpiece so that he doesn't look like Yoda?"

Another questioned: "Is it me or does Andrew Neil look like a cousin of Yoda this evening?"

And a third even theorised: "Crikey – Andrew Neil, Yoda... Never see them in the same place."

So when you're rewatching classic Star Wars over Christmas and Yoda pops up on screen... just try not to think of Andrew Neil.