Bank of England reveals first Polymer £20 note

A new English bank note has been revealed by the Bank of England today, immortalising John Nathan-Turner for his role as producer of Doctor Who during the 1980s. No wait, it's another Turner, JMW Turner. Did some paintings they say. Was quite good at clouds and the sea, and they're hard because they never stay still.

The Turner polymer £20 hits the cash machines on February 20 of 2020, when counterfeiters will be in tears upon first seeing the "two windows and a two-colour foil" elements designed to make bashing off a few grands' worth on work's colour printer harder than ever. And even though this is another man-based bank note, there is one significant role for a woman on the note's top-left corner: the first printed signature of Sarah John, the bank's new chief cashier, promising to pay the bearer 20 pounds' worth of gold or the equivalent value in goat meat, or whatever historical purpose the bank representative's signature actually carries.

That had better not be her real signature, mind, as it's a bit of a security risk to go distributing it nationally on hundreds of millions of bits of money. Please don't say that row of numbers is her date-of-birth too?