Adding These 6 Colorful Things to My Desk Changed My Life

Even if you work in a sad gray cubicle, there are a few simple things you can do to liven up your workspace, infusing it with color and making it more enjoyable overall.

Scrolling through Pinterest one night, looking at beautifully designed homes with insane home offices complete with colorful wallpaper and things that spark joy for the occupant, I had the sharp realization that my desk was, in fact, quite boring. Like I-only-have-sticky-notes-on-my-desk kind of boring. And not a glimpse of color in sight. And while a nap desk sounds amazing, I don't think I can get my boss on board, so I'm forced to look to spice up my home away from home a different way. Think: color.

That's where (thankfully) Marshalls stepped in to help. I talked with Marshalls partner, Kelly Larkin about practical ways to liven up my desk.

One thing I stressed about my work area was that I wanted to feel like I was at home while not being completely overwhelmed with junky stuff. I'm at my desk for hours on end, so I needed to it be much less blah. But honestly, I had no idea where to start.

"Typically, I pick one or two colors and head into Marshalls," Kelly said. "There is a huge, constantly-changing selection of textures, faux plants and accessories to add dimension and style to your desk space."

With that in mind, we embarked on a journey to bring my drab desk into the light.

Upgrade Your Notebooks
Organization is key to a functional desk. I write everything down, from my daily "To-Do" list to reminders about upcoming meetings. Notebooks, a planner and ample pens are a staple at my desk-plus there are SO many beautiful and nice quality notebooks out there.

Introduce a Little Greenery
Plants can breathe new life into a space. Whether real or faux, tiny or chair-sized (if you can get away with something that huge), choosing the right plant and container is an easy way to add a touch of color to your space.

Get in the Right Frame of Mind
I love taking photos of my life (I'm a millennial, after all) and having a beautiful way to showcase your colorful shots is not only a good way to add color, it's a nice way to boost morale at your desk. Looking up and seeing a photo of my nieces or my dog is a nice reminder of my life outside of my office.

Add A Rug
At first, I was not 100 percent sold on adding a rug to my space, but after trying one out, I quickly changed my mind. It's truly the one thing that makes my space really feel like my own and adds a home-like touch to an otherwise gray interior.

Accessorize Wisely
Here, choose things that you actually like and serve some sort of purpose. That's key. For me, the unicorn tape dispenser was something I thought was super cute but also, it's an office supply. Boom-two birds, one stone.

"One of the easiest traps to fall into while decorating a workspace is trying to incorporate too much," Kelly said. "If you incorporate what already brings you joy in your life, though, your space will feel beautiful and more 'you' (Without the clutter!) Embrace your inner Marie Kondo."

Cancel Out the Noise in an Open Work Area
Whether you're listening to your favorite Spotify playlist or just want your neighbor to not talk to you (j/k, kinda!), headphones are a necessity for almost everyone. You're already going to have them, might as well have them add some color to your desk.