15 best places to try the most extreme travel adventures

Skydiving: the Himalayas - Nepal

If you dare try it, skydiving will probably be one of the most heart-stopping experiences of your life. And if you do it in the Himalayan mountain chain, you're guaranteed to become the coolest person in your friend and family circles.

Head to Sagarmatha National Park, home to Mount Everest, where a helicopter will take you to new heights. Experiencing the thrill of jumping into the open sky while being surrounded by an gorgeous, snow-capped landscape is something you'll never forget.

Swimming with great white sharks: Cape Town - South Africa

Great white sharks are among the greatest predators roaming the planet. Swimming with them may seem a bit like a death wish, but it is still very tempting to rub shoulders with the most awe-inspiring creature of the oceans.

If you wish to take a dip in shark-infested waters, head to the ebullient Cape Town. The South African port city provides the perfect opportunity for curious visitors to swim with the sharks. Obviously, you'll have to be in a cage in case the shark suddenly decides it wants a human-shaped snack.

Volcano hiking: Eyjafjallajökull - Iceland

Hiking just isn't exciting enough anymore. The new thing now is to add the risk of volcanic eruption into the equation. Volcano hiking seems like a normal hike until you reach the summit and are suddenly staring down a scalding crater where red-hued lava simmers.

One of the best places to embark on this one-of-a-kind adventure is on Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull, a famous volcano which last erupted in 2010, plunging the whole of Europe into darkness. As you climb from sea level all the way to the top you'll be surrounded at all times by sublime, multifaceted scenery, from ash to glaciers. And if you are in the mood for a little more adventure, from April to September it's even possible to ski back down.

Bungee-jumping: Macau - China

Bungee-jumping is scary anywhere, so imagine doing it from the top of one of the world's tallest buildings. That's exactly what you can do while staying in Macau, a casino-filled, clamorous region on China's southern coast.

Macau Tower, with its distinctive soaring silhouette, is where you'll be jumping from, attached to a strong, well-designed cord, with guide cables ensuring you won't make contact with the tower like an unfortunate pigeon. Jumpers leap from a 765-foot-high platform, bouncing back up when they are roughly 100 feet from the ground.

Walking safari: Mana Pools - Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is renowned for its safaris, which allow adventurous souls to approach and admire the world's most graceful fauna, including many beautiful, ferocious felines. But if jeep safaris don't appeal, you might want to switch it up a little and opt for a walking safari, which is more respectful to both the animals and the environment.

Mana Pools National Park, in the north of the country, is an area known for being the ideal playground for walking safaris. The reserve is a World Heritage Site and home to diverse, rich wildlife. With the great visibility offered by the area, it's possible to get a good look at the splendid animals populating the region, which include elephants, lions, and hyenas.

Big wave surfing: Tasmania - Australia

Surfing on normal-sized waves already seems a bit exhausting, so imagine surfing on an immense, menacing wave that seems like it's about to swallow you whole. Big wave surfing is one of the most dangerous sports in existence, but if you're thrill-seeker, it'll also be one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life.

Shipstern, on the southeastern coast of Tasmania, is a world-renowned big wave surfing location. Also known as "Devil's Point", the spot is where expert surfers convene to try the legendary waves that are formed in this region of the world. Amateurs, please abstain or risk being taken to the devil himself.

Climbing: Mount Kilimanjaro - Tanzania

Climbing requires well thought-out planning, determination, and endurance. So even if it's not as thrilling as some other things in this list, it still deserves to be recognized as an extreme adventure, if only for the sheer stamina it requires.

And if you're going to climb, it better be Africa's tallest peak. Mount Kilimanjaro, in northern Tanzania, is a prized destination for climbing enthusiasts from all over the world who wish to conquer the continent's highest point. Once you reach the top, you'll be rewarded with breathtaking vistas of the surrounding wilderness.

Cave diving: Great Blue Hole - Belize

Diving is great, but how would you feel about adding an element of confined space to it? If you're adventure-prone and not claustrophobic, try cave diving. And while you're at it, why not do it in one of the most jaw-dropping places on Earth, the Great Blue Hole?

Situated off the coast of Belize, the Great Blue Hole forms a dark blue-hued circular area at the heart of shallow, turquoise waters. Although not rich in wildlife due to the absence of sunlight, the Great Blue Hole's appeal instead resides in the splendid limestone formations that line its walls. Caves filled with stalactites and stalagmites can be found as you make your way deeper into the hole, offering unique exploration opportunities.

Mountain biking: Tyrol - Austria

Tyrol is a section of the Alps and a region in western Austria known for its beautiful, versatile landscapes and its plethora of mountain activities. And as soon as some of the snow melts, it's time to trade your skis for your bike to slide down the slopes.

Mountain biking can be intense, but everything is made more pleasant when surrounded by breathtaking scenery, and you're guaranteed to never run out of that while in Tyrol. You'll notably find amazing trails of all degrees of difficulty around Innsbruck, the charming Austrian city belted on all sides by imposing, snow-capped peaks.

Rafting: Suarez River - Colombia

A small boat that looks like it could be flipped upside down quite easily and raging rapids, that seems like two great things to combine. For those who are thrill-seekers at heart and don't mind potentially ending up completely drenched, rafting is however guaranteed to be an awesome experience, and is even more fun when enjoyed as a group.

And while you're at it, you might as well try out this intrepid activity where the rapids are known to be among the most impressive in the world. River Suarez, in northern Colombia, is a prized destination for rafting aficionados, with its class five rapids and surrounding verdant greenery.

Ziplining: Waiheke Island - New Zealand

Ziplines are enjoyable everywhere, but there are places where dangling off a cable is even more fun than usual. Waiheke Island, in northern New Zealand, offers a unique zip lining experience to visitors who wish to catch a glimpse of its lovely landscapes from a different angle.

In addition to being installed at the heart of lush, stunning greenery, the zipline also flaunts a distinctive characteristic that definitely makes it stand out. Indeed, its dual cable feature allows you to embark on this adventure as a duo, for the most amazing of shared experiences.

Snowmobiling: Lapland - Finland

Snowmobiles are the ultimate thrill for speed-seekers, and Lapland offers plenty of opportunities for the adventurous souls that set foot in Santa's snow-covered kingdom. Going at full speed at the heart of an immaculate, deserted landscape seems like the perfect escape from urban life.

Driving through dense, snow-capped forests, over frozen, iridescent lakes and across never-ending, otherworldly expanses, you'll create unforgettable memories. Lapland's scenery truly is something else, and you'll always long to go back once you've experienced the quietness and beauty of the region's pristine nature.

Canyoning: Kawasan Falls - Philippines

Canyoning involves a wide variety of exercises as you make your way through a canyon, from traveling down creeks to swimming in streams to climbing craggy walls. Multitasking and endurance skills are required to make canyoning possible and enjoyable.

In the Philippines' Cebu Island, you'll find the Kawasan waterfalls, an area loved by canyoning enthusiasts. Located at the heart of the jungle and boasting bewitching aquamarine waters, this waterfall is however more than just its looks, and makes for the perfect canyoning excursion. Swimming and hiking for hours won't feel as daunting in this paradisiac landscape.

Bouldering: California - US

Imagine regular climbing, but with none of the gear. Bouldering replaces ropes and harnesses with an audacious attitude and some chalk on climbers' hands. The sport however favors small rock formations and artificial rock walls in order to avoid injuries from potential falls, which happen quite often, as expected.

Very popular in California, as is everything that combines wellness and extravagance, bouldering has made the state its headquarters. Practiced both indoors and outdoors, you can try your hand out at bouldering pretty much anywhere in the state, in the scorching sun or in the comfort of an air-conditioned, world-class gym.

Kitesurfing: Cumbuco - Brazil

Harnessing wind energy with a big traction kite to glide across the water is a great invention, and makes for a very fun activity. With the possibility of being both intense and quite peaceful, kitesurfing is guaranteed to please everyone, from thrill-seekers to thrill-skeptics.

Cumbuco, a small fishing village in northern Brazil, is nowhere close to stealing Rio de Janeiro's thunder, but it can at least flaunt being one of the most prized kitesurfing spots in the world. Its scenic coastline, mild ocean temperatures, and strong winds create the ideal conditions for kitesurfing, with amateurs and experts alike gathering in massive numbers year-round in the unassuming village.