10 destinations to visit in September

September, with its lingering heat and crowd-free beaches, is undoubtedly one of the best months to travel.

School's back which means family-saturated European destinations will be less tourist-heavy but the weather still lovely and warm.

The Christmas rush is still a few months away and the summer season is dying down which often means cheaper deals on flights and accommodation.

To help spark a few ideas, we've rounded up the best destinations to travel to in September below.

Accursed Mountains, Albania

Bjeshkët e Namuna, otherwise known as the 'Accursed Mountains', has become a popular backpacking destination in recent years and for good reason - the scenery is absolutely stunning. Head there in September for warm weather and make sure you do the five hour hike between Valbona and Theth before venturing on to the Albanian Riviera.

Munich, Germany

One word: Oktoberfest. The beloved beer festival is held at the end of September each year making it the best time to visit this city for any beer lover.

Chefchaouen, Morocco

The ultimate Instagrammable destination, Chefchaouen is a city located in the Rif Mountains in northern Morocco and known for its blue-washed buildings. The striking city is picture perfect and September is a great time to visit as the temperatures have dropped to an average of 28C.

Sicily, Italy

While Sicily is stunning at any time of year, September means less tourists but still warm weather. While visiting the largest Mediterranean island, go for a hike along the stunning coastline, visit one of the ancient sites and indulge in delicious Italian street food.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina's capital city combines a vibrant foodie scene with French and Italian-inspired architecture that is alluring to any traveller. What's more is Norwegian announced direct flights to Buenos Aires from London Gatwick lasy year which means getting there has never been easier.

Vis, Croatia

The furthest island from Croatia's coastline, Vis is a two-hour ferry ride from Split and well worth the journey to marvel at its stunning beaches and lush landscape. September means sun worshippers are back at work, leaving the island yours to explore.

Lake District, UK

When the leaves change colour at the end of September, the Lake District transforms into a postcard perfect autumnal wonderland. Book a stay in one of the many resorts dotted across the area and head up for a relaxing long weekend filled with pampering and country walks.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

A trip to Bora Bora is guaranteed to be filled with a number of pinch yourself moments - the first will be flying in and looking down and the clear turquoise waters. Snorkel with sharks and stingrays, read a book listening to the waves softly lapping on the shore and, at night, go for long walks on the beach and look up at the glittering stars.

Santorini, Greece

September is the perfect time to go to Greece, as it will be quiet now that school is back yet you can still enjoy the long summer nights. With a couple of gyros in had, secure a spot to watch the iconic Santorini sunset each night of your vacation - it truly never gets old. Top tip: skip Oia and head to the castle ruins on the hilltop town of Pyrgos to watch the sunset. Here, you'll skip the crowds and get an uninterrupted view of the sunset.

Beijing, China

In Beijing, September is known as the 'golden month' where the temperature is cool, the air crisp and the skies are clear. While there, make sure you visit the Great Wall of China - one of the wonders of the world and worthy of any bucket list.