New Starters


You have just joined the business and you are curious to know a little more about the Company you now work for, along with the people you now work with.

This page will give you an insight into Maritime's history as a business and will help you to understand why iWave is such an important tool. Within an organisation as large as ours, it is important to stay up to date with the latest. We are a fast-paced business and things change all the time but iWave is here to help, so make sure you are logging in every day and you will not miss a thing!

Who we are...

And what we do...

At Maritime we believe in long term partnerships and building lasting relationships. We currently work with Cargo Owners, Freight Forwarders and the Shipping Lines and endeavour to ensure the solution we offer them is best fitted to their operation. We are constantly reacting, modifying and developing new ways of working so that we are keeping up with our customers changing needs. Due to this ‘can do’ attitude we have been partners with the below for a long time, and hope to continue to partner with them into the future.

We operate a fully LEZ compliant fleet and by ensuring our fleet remains young, we are able to take advantage of the latest technology and telematics available on the market. We have a truck sales arm to the business which sees any vehicles over three years old sold on so that we can replace with brand new ones.

Truck Percentage

The majority of our vehicles are Euro 6, meaning they emit 80% less NOx on the road than a Euro 5 HGV

Euro 5/6 Comparisons .

We have a mix of Scania, Volvo's, DAF's, Mercedes and MAN's on our fleet. As we purchase all of our vehicles in full, the manufacturers also carry out any MOT's or services for us.

Marque Comparisons

We have a whole range of trailers, including Skeletal, Sliding Skeletal, Gensets, Tippers and Curtainsiders to name a few.


We are also able to offer warehousing to our customers. Unit 1 is situated close to London and offers  six crossdocks, over 4,000 racked pallet positions and is over 100,000 sq. ft.


As we've grown, we've diversified and we also now have two Railports; one in London and one in the Midlands. In 2016, we strengthened our relationship with GB Railfreight and launched our very own locomotive, Maritime One.

Rail Services

We have 27 depots throughout the UK and you can find out more about each of them, as well as our various teams from across the Company, by browsing on iWave.


iWave should provide you with all sorts of helpful information and is something you should be logging into every day. Not only will you find important documents, training videos, company events and news from in and around the industry, you can also book your holiday and view your payslips easily online. We also have a list of all of our employees on the site so if you’re looking for someone’s contact details, you can simply search their name and find out more about them with a click of a button.

Should you have any issues or questions, feel free to contact the team by emailing and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Now that you’ve learnt a little more about iWave and our Company, all that’s left is to say is: welcome to the family.